Sunday, January 24, 2010


The project was a very valuable and interesting experience for me. I liked the idea to communicate with students from USA, because it is always beneficial to get in touch with people with a different cultural background. However, I was a little disappointed that my partner didn’t participate very actively in the project.
I never showed any of my writings to a wider audience, so this was something new for me. It made me feel good, because I knew that my work would be read and valued. It is different when you write something not only because of the grade, but because you want to share it. I find it very thoughtful that we had to write essays on topics chosen by us. Most assignments limit the student’s creativity, so it is a great idea to allow students to choose the themes and structures of their essays. It was also very interesting to see the works of other people. Thus, you could see their writing styles and abilities and compare them to yours.
In conclusion, the project was very valuable for me, because I could share my work and see what responses it arouses, I could also read other people’s work and explore their opinions on different issues. The best part of the assignment were the topic- free essays which I enjoyed writing.

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